Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Platoon review

Platoon begins with the protagonist Chris(Charlie Sheen) arriving in Vietnam. The year is 1968 and Chris is there to reinforce a platoon that has suffered a lot of casualties. There really is no fucking around and the beginning is straight to the point. Guns are fired within minutes. The platoon has a few characters that the film is based around. Besides Chris there are Sgt. Elias, Ssgt. Barnes, Sgt. O'Neill and Lt. Wolfe. LT is a weak officer, so Barnes is pretty much in charge. Barnes is a ruthless killer who will do anything to get his will done. O'Neill is one of Barnes' minions and Elias is a man of high moral standards, so he and Barnes quarrel often during the movie. Chris is a kind of a spectator in between, though he and Elias are friends.

The platoon sees a lot of action during the movie and they lose a lot of men. Majority of the milieu is jungle because the guys are on the move all the time, or setting up an ambush or something. The focal point of the film is where they come across a village and they want to revenge their dead friend. Innocent people are killed, majority of them by Sgt. Barnes, but Elias gets there in time and the whole village doesn't end up in the body count. The platoon is divided into half, those who are with Elias and those who are with Barnes.

Towards the end of the movie Elias gets killed by Barnes and everything is just falling apart. Chris gets wounded in a grand final battle and then gets shipped back home.

The overall atmposphere is dark, but very vivid. You kinda feel like you're there and everything seems pretty realistic. This is the kind of film that really stirs up emotions, especially in the scene where destroy the village. I haven't got any complaints really, it's a great movie. The charactes are great, the scenery, music, editing...everything! Platoon goes to the same category with Apocalypse Now with it's dark and psychological feel, and that could be what they were aiming for with this film. All in all, a great classic.

Entertainment value: Excellent
You should watch this if: you're into exciting thrillers/deep & emotional action films.
Score: 9/10

P.S. This film should really be watched, not ran in the backround when having a party or something.


  1. I quite enjoyed this when I watched it in the past, definitely thought Apocalypse Now was its superior though. Might have to go back and revisit this one. Nice review!

  2. Awesome awesome movie, totally gonna go watch it tonight now

  3. great movie and awesome review.